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What Cure Single did you like the least?

Started by Birdmad Guy, May 15, 2013, 07:38:17

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Birdmad Guy

Lovesong always irked me with that corny melody.  I always hated it when I was at a dance club and that song came on. 


Gone. It was a difficult groove to get into, and the remixes didn't help.


Birdmad Guy


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Birdmad Guy

Quote from: dsanchez on May 15, 2013, 20:02:53
Quote from: Birdmad Guy on May 15, 2013, 19:32:07
Never heard of WN.

I guess he means Wrong Number.

Okay thanks, let me then rephrase my least favorite single.... L.


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Ive never liked the music to lovesong but i like the words. Yeah,i dont like the sond fight. It never did a thing for me or snakepit.


"Let's go to bed" (never one of my faves)
"Close to me (remix 1990)" (never been a big fan of remixes)
"Gone" (didn't really work as a single)
If only I'd thought of the right words...


Umm all Cure stuff is great but if I had to be nitpicky I guess The Lovecats....i never dug that song and i;ve been listening to the cure since i was about 8 or 7


Yep same I never got into the love cats it wasn't even meant to be a proper song anyway....


Strange Attraction or Gone!.. .   or Why Can't I be you. . . or the Hanging Garden.. .


Sleep When I'm Dead, Perfect Boy, End Of The World.


The singles I really (actively) dislike are probably only  'Mint Car', 'Wrong Number' and 'Freakshow'.

Then there are others I don't like very much but can still listen to them occasionaly without feeling real pain ('Strange Atraction', 'Taking Off',  'The Perfect Boy').

All their singles from the 80s were good-to-great, with the only possibly exceptions being 'Why Can't I Be You' and 'Hot Hot Hot' (both fun and enjoyable in some way but perhaps not enough to be called good).


The End Of The World.The B-Sides are better and that's no surprise with The Cure. ;)
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