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What Cure Single did you like the least?

Started by Birdmad Guy, May 15, 2013, 07:38:17

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Quote from: Birdmad Guy on May 15, 2013, 20:29:59
Quote from: dsanchez on May 15, 2013, 20:02:53
Quote from: Birdmad Guy on May 15, 2013, 19:32:07
Never heard of WN.

I guess he means Wrong Number.

Okay thanks, let me then rephrase my least favorite single.... L.

God... Wrong Number is really just.... WRONG!!!!  :smth011

Fabien G

it's wrong number to me. It's not really to my taste musically, and it's far far too long (double intro, everything...)


The Walk (I hated this song for years, but over time I've grown to tolerate it. The Mixed Up remix of it helped)
Gone! (Just like so many others have said)
Strange Attraction (Music is too corny)
Sleep When I'm Dead (Good idea to finally record and release it, but not single-worthy. Don't like it much)
Just Say Yes (The way people talk about Wrong Number is how I feel about this one)

If I have to chose a least fav, it would be.... "Gone!"
The way she pulls me in sucks my breath away


"Sleep When I'm Dead" and "Freakshow", no doubt (Freakshow being the worst Cure song ever, by the way)   
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Fabien G

can i change my choice to freakshow? i hate it, the rythm, the cowbell, the guitar effect, the overall mood, i like nothing in it.