Author Topic: of the greatest unrecognized miinterpreted bands...  (Read 1128 times)

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A-Ha - So...maybe you have heard of this group by means of Take On Me....well...i will not make an essay here you have wikipedia, but heres what Adam Clayton of U2 said..."A-ha was always kind of a misunderstood band in my ears. They were perceived as a teenage group for girls, but in reality a very creative band."...

They went from synthpop to Rock style in the 90s...the style they have explored in smaller scale in their earlier record (Scoundrel Days) and i think there are few songs the Cure Fans might like by them anyway im posting 3 of these...i would also like to add that The Doors were big inspiration for A-Ha

...Still every night I burn
Every night I scream your name
Every night I burn
Every night the dream's the same...

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Re: of the greatest unrecognized miinterpreted bands...
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Yep, a wonderful pop band who sadly let themselves be marketed as a teen nuisance. I'd argue they made the transition to the 90s better than most (including, ahem, a certain very famous band originating in Crawley, UK...). This is such a gem: