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What The Cure ringtone do you have in your cell phone?

Started by dsanchez, September 21, 2013, 23:42:40

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I use "Piggy In The Mirror" for any incoming call and "The Only One" for my wife. What about you?
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I have, from time to time, these ringtones:

Six different ways
Another journey by train
Fascination street


I have charlotte sometimes, 2late and tape.
Each of them belongs to 3 different groups from my contact list.


Another question for those who have a Cure (or any other band) ring tone - doesn't having that make hearing the songs "for real" awkward for you? For me, that was the reason to go back from High to an ordinarily ringing ring tone.
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Faith (Live) for any incoming calls
All Cats Are Grey for messages

Cant help it!
"Thick As Shit"


The other one feeds on my hesitation
Grows inside of my trepidaton
Buries his claws in my dislocation
I whisper your name to lose control