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I'm new here

Started by ErinD, December 06, 2013, 06:39:21

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I have been a Cure fan since I first heard "Jumping Someone Elses Train"...yes, I'm nearly 50 and have loved the Cure forever.  I lost track of them in the '90s but I have been listening to them non-stop again.  I'd like to keep track of what Robert and co are up to.  My favorite albums are The Top and The Head on the Door.

I have a question....does anyone know where I can write to Robert?  I have a book I want to send him.  I realize I might have to write a record label or fan club, but that's OK.  Has anyone written to him?  Does he answer his letters?  I hope someone can help me.   :)

Any older fans out there??


Hello, welcome to :smth023

The answer to your questions is: NO.

There used to be a The Cure Information Service (and they had an adress where we could send something to the band) in the 90's but it does not exist anymore. Two The Cure members (Roger, Reeves) use social networks so you may contact them, but that's not the case with Robert. If you want to hand it a book, maybe you can do it in person after a gig.

Good luck!
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Any older fans out there??

Thats me !!!!!! The Old Aussie Chook

Welcome to Curefans ErinD.

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