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Drumming Lesson with Jason Cooper

Started by dsanchez, December 12, 2015, 21:30:19

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Enjoy a drumming lesson with Jason Cooper, drummer of The Cure, in London.

Jason joined The Cure in 1995 and has performed on the studio albums Wild Mood Swings, Bloodflowers, The Cure and 4:13 Dream. He also appeared in two concert films, Trilogy and Festival 2005.

Jason also composes music for film, most notably co-creating the score for the horror/thriller From Within, for which he and co-composer Oliver Kraus won the award for Best Original Score at the 2008 Solstice Film Festival.

The Cure is estimated to have sold 27 million albums as of 2004 and have released 13 studio albums, 10 EPs and over 30 singles during their career.

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Fabien G

As a drummer myself i would have been very interested, but it was far out of budget for me. I would love to learn to play closedown. Hope the guy who won it will one day write a little report.