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N.A. Tour stats

Started by Ulrich, July 01, 2016, 16:51:55

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Some fascinating facts about the tour! 81 different songs!  :o

QuoteCure Tour 2016 North American setlist stats

Update (June 30th, 2016): Final stats - 33 shows, 81 different songs played. Only 2 songs (Lovesong & Just Like Heaven) played at every show (this is due to the short Sasquatch show), 4 songs only played once. Charlotte, NC saw the final NA tour debut, and it was Mint Car. (via

Songs only played once: Same Deep Water As You (New Orleans 2) / The Drowning Man (El Paso) / The Top (Chicago 1) / Mint Car (Charlotte)
Can't you see I try? Swimming the same deep water as you is hard...