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Would KMx3 have been better with the b-sides in place of some songs?

Started by Quadpus72, July 09, 2016, 01:28:51

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Or would it change the diversity of the record too much?

I know fans often question why seemingly-superior songs that get left off albums didn't make the record instead of tracks they perceive as questionable. But sometimes artists don't necessarily include the absolute BEST songs they record in a given album session, but rather the ones that they feel fit the narrative or concept or feel of the record they want to make at that point in time. I kind of lean towards this argument here, but I'm so enamored of the songs on the "orange vinyl mini-LP" (plus To the Sky) that I can't help but daydream from time to time about how Kiss Me would have sounded with those songs on it rather than a few I've never cared for (Torture, All I Want, Shiver & Shake, The Snakepit, and perhaps Fight).

To that end, I submit this alternate Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me tracklisting (on orange vinyl, of course):

The Kiss
A Japanese Dream
If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
Why Can't I Be You?
Snow in Summer
How Beautiful You Are!
To the Sky
Hey You!!!
Just Like Heaven

Hot Hot Hot!!!
One More Time
Like Cockatoos
Sugar Girl
Icing Sugar
The Perfect Girl
A Chain of Flowers
A Thousand Hours

*maybe, maybe not



Quote from: Quadpus72 on July 09, 2016, 01:28:51
To that end, I submit this alternate Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me tracklisting ...
*maybe, maybe not


Maybe it would work, maybe not, are my thoughts.  ;)

Kicking out "The Snakepit" would not work for me, as this album needs a "darker" song to out-balance the "sunnier" songs a bit.
If only I'd thought of the right words...