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Set of 4 Cure calendars 1992-1995 (SOLD)

Started by frostygoth, October 06, 2016, 00:38:33

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Hi fellow Curefans,

I have a set of 4 US Cure calendars from 1992-1995 that I'd love to send to a happy home. They measure 12 inches wide by 16.5 inches tall, and the photos are gorgeous and cover at least half of the page--the calendar part kept getting smaller and smaller as the years progressed! They all have a spiral binding at the top with a small metal hook for hanging.

They are in very good condition. I didn't write in them or tear the images out.

Asking $15 basically to just cover the cost of shipping.

I also have a set of interview records in another post. If someone wants everything, I'll reduce the price and charge just for the actual combined shipping cost.

(If anyone also likes Depeche, Smiths, Mission or Siouxsie, send me a message because I have some stuff of theirs too.)


Scared as You

Hi!  Do you still have the calendars for sale? 


No, sorry, I ended up selling them on eBay.



Quote from: Scared as You on January 10, 2017, 14:06:07
Hi!  Do you still have the calendars for sale?

Recently I did a clear-up and found an old calendar (1990, using Cure photos obviously from the 80s), which I might sell. Let me know if you're interested, then I might load up a photo of it.
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