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Never enough :)

Started by Trust, November 07, 2016, 17:29:52

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I've been a fan since the mid 90s when I started listening to the band being 13ish. I was too young  to experience the big days first hand, but lucky enough to see The Cure live in Hamburg several years later and went to their gig in Munich last week. I was probably the most excited person in the world and forced my husband (who is not into the band at all) to queue before the doors opened for a front-of-stage experience ^^. Has anyone seen me in the crowd, by any chance? I'm one of the few non-goths who actually wear colours, even at Cure gigs ;).

What else can I say, still the best band in the world and probably always will be for me  :smth049.



You have a nice husband :) a friend of mine was in Bologna but he was not willing to queue from noon :P

I am glad you for found us! No, unfortunately I don't recall seeing you but then I don't usually see The Cure from front row. The closest I saw them during this tour was in Prague as they had this golden circle sector :)

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