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What are your Cure hopes for 2017?

Started by dsanchez, December 04, 2016, 12:35:55

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The band just finished a memorable tour and 2017 is just around the corner.

It's very unlikely they will tour next year again (my best guess is in 2019 - Bob's 60th birthday) so what are your hopes for next year? A new album? A video? (LatAm, Reflections, Orange) A handful of European shows?
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I have no specific 'hopes' although a new studio album seems very likely now.
The band proved in fantastic fashion that they won't yet to be thrown on the scrap
heap. The mood is in exuberance. :smth023
I would like to see another guest appearance from Lol. :o
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My post number 1000! I guess it fits well in here...

After a long world tour in 2016, I can't see that much activity for 2017. Of course I would hope for a new album (but what we've heard so far would fit on a single...)!

I can imagine them doing some festival shows in the summer. Maybe. Robert said "see you again" at many of the shows, we just don't know when...
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I'd really like to hear this lineup record an album *at some point*, though not expecting it 2017. They sounded the best I've heard them on a general tour; there was a real energy that had been missing in some of the other shows I've been to.

However, to keep the fires burning in 2017, I'd like to see Reflections DVD finally released or a quiet "Paris" style release of the leftover "dark album" tracks. Get them out of the system and free the mind for some new blood and creativity.

You have to wonder how motivated Robert is at this point for recording and releasing new studio albums, but then again, who was expecting such a massive World tour like this?