Happy Birthday, Wolfgang Flür!

Started by MeltingMan, July 17, 2017, 08:12:21

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The following passage has been extracted from the preface
of his book Kraftwerk: I Was a Robot.

QuoteFrom the start, Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider-Esleben had suited
each other better. They had come from prosperous families where there had
never been a lack of money or, in particular, of culture or education. They had
elegant manners and had travelled widely in childhood. Karl Bartos and I, on
the other hand, came from the so-called middle class. Of course, we had also
been educated, particularly in relation to what is described as "emotional intelligence",
although we also knew what it meant not to have any money sometimes, and what it
was like if someone needed emotional support. On top of that, we were youthful and
talented, and we stuck together for a long time because we had crucial things in common
and because we respected each other so much as we were. Instinctively, each of us sensed
that our special relationship would be capable of producing great things in the future.

Le futur projette une ombre, comme le passé.
(Modestie et vanité, p. 333.)


Talking of Kraftwerk, this documentary could be interesting!

QuoteThe doc is a collaborative effort co-directed by Reto Caduff and Plank's son Stephan.

"I discovered his work in the early '80s when albums by Eurythmics or Ultravox, Les Ritas Mitsouko, Freur or by German new wave acts such as Ideal, Rheingold or DAF had the Conny Plank credit on the cover. Little did I know at that time of his earlier influence: that he brought Kraftwerk to the recording studio for the first time..." said Caduff speaking to The Wire.

It's never enough...


Well, Karl Bartos is publishing his autobiography Der Klang der Maschine on 25 August.
It contains 605 pages (in German language). Could be interesting too.
Le futur projette une ombre, comme le passé.
(Modestie et vanité, p. 333.)