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Cure / Noah clothing line

Started by Ulrich, November 30, 2017, 17:39:21

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New "Cure clothing line":

QuoteBabenzien grew up in East Islip, a picturesque but nondescript town somewhere between Montauk and the Hamptons. Aesthetically different but similar in feeling to Crawley - the town in West Sussex that gave birth to The Cure - it inspired the same sense of angst-meets-ennui in Babenzien that was a hallmark of the British outfit's early work. "Where I grew up, it's beautiful and I love it now as an adult," he says. "But when you're a kid it just feels mundane because you can't access any of the things that interest you. The small group of people that I was friends with that felt out of place where we were from, the music just kind of made sense to us."

Now that sounds familiar to me...  :)
Can't you see I try? Swimming the same deep water as you is hard...