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Hello from Minnesota

Started by scannon1975, December 09, 2017, 05:08:04

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Hello everyone,

It's nice to be on a website where we can all discuss this amazing band! I was 13 when I started listening to The Cure, and I'm 42 now, so I'm a very long time fan! My name is Stephanie and I'm a married mother of 2 boys, ages 18 and 14, living in the great state of Minnesota. Once I started listening to the GREAT, AMAZING, UNDERRATED, BEAUTIFUL Robert Smith, I was hooked! I actually attended a Catholic school at the time and of course, everyone thought I was weird because I started dressing in black, teased my hair, wore the heavy eyeliner, and red lipstick! (Make-up was severely banned at the time, and I got myself into trouble a lot!)

When I bought The Cure in Orange, I immediately fell in love with everyone in the band, especially Simon Gallup....so gorgeous and yummy!!! I must have watched that video 10,000 times! Oh, how I wish it would be released in Blu-Ray! I saw them in concert back in 1991, I can't remember when they were here, but I enjoyed every second of it!!!!

I lost touch with the group for a while, and I'm saddened to see how much they've aged....although I knew it would happen! With the help of Spotify, I have now downloaded all of their songs, and am obsessed once again. None of these bands or "artists" have NOTHING on The Cure! There will never be anyone who could ever live up to their amazing talent!

I'm so glad I found this site, as I'm typing while listening to Pornography...another amazing album, but hell, I love all of their albums!


Welcome to the forums! I also do remember when I was watching over and over again "The Cure in Orange", also in VHS. Still their best concert ever IMO.
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Welcome & hello to Minnesota!
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Quote from: scannon1975 on December 09, 2017, 05:08:04I saw them in concert back in 1991, I can't remember when they were here, but I enjoyed every second of it!!!!

probably it was during the Wish Tour in 1992, I don't think they played the US in 1991 ;)
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Do your 'men' like The Cure?

...just curious.  ;)
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