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Started by PearlThompsonsBloodflower, January 03, 2018, 22:52:40

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I listen to a fair bit of ABC Radio National and heard this fantastic story I want to share.  They were interviewing a professional classical viola player who was talking about trying to make ends meet during the pandemic, and having dark thoughts about her choice of career.  A good friend of hers is a nurse and she was thinking, "My friend is actually doing something helpful with her job choice during this pandemic.  It's really a bit self-indulgent of me just to be playing viola."

She mentioned this to her friend the nurse, who then said to her, "But you don't understand!  The only reason I can cope with my job when it gets really bad, like at the moment, is because I can go home and listen to this piece I love by Mozart.  It saves my sanity.  Your job is really important too!"  ♥
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Quote from: Susann K.Bye, that's it - from the everyday life of a piano teacher

(...) No appreciation, no thanks
Who am I? What role do I play? What is the role of the son? Why is this family sending their child to my class? What should he do there? Learn an instrument or be entertained? And what am I doing in the parents' eyes? Seriously teaching? Leisure fun? Afternoon care?

The thoughts and questions race at top speed through my head and through my whole body:

Is it actually normal that an almost nine-year-old child is not able to pack his grades himself?
Is it actually normal that the questions I ask an almost nine-year-old child are still answered by the parents standing next to him?
Is it actually normal to constantly ask me and my colleagues to do things that they basically don't understand?

Do these people actually know what a music school is?
Do these people actually know what studying music is?
Do you know that teaching music is anything but a hobby?

Did these parents actually say "thank you" to me? I can not remember. Maybe my anger is so great that I just hide the "thank you".
No, I didn't hear a "thank you". I have a good memory.(...)

My piano lessons were a long time ago. When, following an internal prelude, a few years had passed, a change of teachers was imminent, my father took me from school. The chemistry between the "new" one and me didn't work at all. The change was fluid. Since I came to a Protestant cantor, the topic of music school was ticked off relatively quickly for me. There was no goodbye and for 34 years I had no contact with my former teacher. Two years after I left, she quit the job and found a job that fulfills her more.  :neutral-face
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