What's the best guitar solo you have ever heard?

Started by dsanchez, May 20, 2018, 15:35:24

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I am hesitant between November Rain's guitar solo (from 04:00)


or Comfortably Numb's solo (from 02:30)


both give me the chills...
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I think it's difficult to say which is "THE best", people have different tastes and there are many guitarists out there whose "technique" is perfect - in the end, it's not just about musical ability, but for the listener also about "feeling".
Which is why, at the moment, my favourite guitar solo is this (by Captain Sensible, at the end of the song, so don't turn it off mid-way through!), as I heard this one live last week (yeah I had tears in my eyes):
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I totally agree with you Ulrich , sometimes it's feel rather than technique. 

I love the feel of this very simple and raw solo

But then also love David Gilmour and would find it hard to choose just 1 track.
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My favourite one is at the end from Starship Trooper - The Yes Album.

(Thanks to my uncle.)  ;)
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I prefer less solos, kinda like this precious bby:


Yes it is hard to choose one but I always love to listen this one from Prince 

And I should be going to bed but now I am roaming on youtube again instead - and not sorry :)



Quote from: word_on_a_wing on May 21, 2018, 11:13:09
But then also love David Gilmour and would find it hard to choose just 1 track.

From his latest offering, I would say the solo on "In Any Tongue" is very good (but then again, the whole song reminds me a little bit of "Comfortably Numb").
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Not (completely) Cure-related... probably Fashion by David Bowie.
I'm certain that Reeves had a hard time trying to play it (the original solo is by Robert Fripp).

Cure-related, then it has to be:

-From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea (Robert Smith -and NOT Pearl Thompson-)
-Spellbound (John McGeoch -and NOT Robert Smith-)
-This Green City (Robert Smith)
-Sex-Eye-Make-Up (Robert Smith)