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hello i am newww :p

Started by desintegration, August 08, 2018, 21:50:30

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Hello! I honestly had no idea there was even a website for fans of the cure! Im super excited I got to discover this though. I hope i get to talk to other fans and even befriend some:-) .
A little bit about me: Im 17, I live in California, and I grew up listening to The Cure! Unfortunately, I've never gone to a cure show because I didn't heavily get into them until sometime last year. I hope to see a tour or atleast any american date in the near future so my fear of never seeing them live goes away:( I've only ever seen cover bands!
My favorite cure songs are probably 100 Years, Killing an arab, A chain of flowers, or A letter to Elise
I also run a fanpage for them on instagram called @funeralprty so feel free to follow :]


Hello and welcome!
There's been talk about a possible tour in 2019, so hopefully you will get to see them.  :cool
Can't you see I try? Swimming the same deep water as you is hard...


Welcome :) You're in good company here  :cool
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Hi desintegration and welcome to curefans.com! hope you will like it here. I am pretty sure you will have the chance to see The Cure in the future. Robert said in the band's last concert "see you again very soon" which hints for gigs probably in 2019 and if that happens, you can be sure they will play the U.S.

Welcome again and take cure! :)
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Ive heard the rumors of a 2019 tour! Im super excited for that possibility, it definitely causes me anxiety thinking of it though! Thanks everyone