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Songs you wish the Cure would not play too often at gigs

Started by star_swirl, March 23, 2008, 13:39:43

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Wasn't in between days left off at a few shows?  At least one it was moved from the main set to the pop encore (certainly a welcome change if only for variety). 

I'd say To Wish Impossible Things could be one that doesn't need to be played so much.  Put that in a rotation with The Big Hand and A Letter to Elise.

Kyoto Song is another that was played too much, imo. 

Then there's The Blood, which pretty much seemed to be a standard in Spain and Portugal.  What, RS doesn't think fans in other parts of Europe have an appreciation for Spanish influenced music?     


definiteley "pictures of you"!  :-D

it´s a beautiful song, no doubt about that - but i just can´t stand it anymore!  ;)
"Too old to be alternative, too alternative to be old..."  ;o)


Quote from: dsanchez on March 25, 2008, 10:16:18

(because, as I said before, 75% or more people from the audience just recognize and "wake up" with such songs) then I will just play less often:

Yeah David you're right. For me it should be

- End of the World
- Alt End
- I couldn't list more because there's no such songs should be list out. Its
  THE CURE man!!! :!:
"Thick As Shit"


The two songs I would most like to be dropped from the set art The walk and Let´s go to bed. I just can´t stand them anymore. The timeless pop of In between days, Just like haeven and Friday I´m in love can stay, though.

And, as the original poster said, Never enough was never a good song anyway.


Just The end of the world; I think they could play any other instead that  :?
"...and the way the rain comes down hard is how i feel inside..."


Take Out:

Us or Them
Never Enough
alt. end
End of the World
Why Can't I Be You

Play More:

Doing The Unstuck
Mint Car
Other Voices
Charlotte SOmetimes
Dressing Up
Before Three


I really think they should drop:
Let's Go To Bed
Boys Don't Cry

They are so overplayed and I'm tired of hearing them.  Anytime I talk to someone who is a casual fan they say that these songs are the some of The Cure's best.  I still love them but The Cure has so much more that are even better. 

But I can understand why they play it.  Just like David said most fans who go to see The Cure Live at least in the US are the casual/pop fans of The Cure.  So the band has got to play quite a bit of the popper stuff to please the majority of the audience.  Wouldn't it be cool if the Cure had a concert and we got to pick the songs!  It would be amazing! :-D

Songs I wish they would play more:
Doing the Unstuck (I'd die if they play that in Chicago)
Birdmad Girl
Piggy in the Mirror
All I Want
Charlotte Sometimes
Where the Birds Always Sing
Just One Kiss
A Man Inside My Mouth
Fear of Ghosts
All Cats Are Grey

mint car

for example alt.end and Before Three. I like The Cure album, but isn't one of my favourite albums from The Cure...  :?
...sleep sweet child the moon will change your mind...


I have never been fond of Inbetween Days, and that seems to be played all the time, so that would have to go. Also, never really taken a liking to Plainsong either.  :roll:

Adding Temptation Two and All I want/Homesick in their place would be cool.  :-D


robert should stop playing the pop songs more faith songs seventeen seconds would be great on the 4tour ,remember the cure started as a punk band and woud'nt it be great to have a top encore .the early shows are the band not the pop stuff i was lucky enough to see them in the early eigthies and tey were mind blowing a bit more,its not you,short term effect,do the hansa wound'nt it be great .love everything robert writes and would love to here those songs live again  :smth020 :smth020


i think i could listen 2 every cure song
but i reely can't stand the only 1 + freak show
hope rest new songs will b more like the 'a boy i never knew' 1

nothing left but hope
floating here like this with you
underneath the stars
alight for 13 billion years
the view is beautiful
and ours alone tonight
underneath the stars


For me, the most "poppy" ones may be dropped from the concerts.  I like the "pornography" and "disintegration" stuff more than the "japanese whispers" songs at concerts.  On the album however I do also love those songs, but live?  Don't want to attend a pop concert, but a real Cure concert.

Greetz, TT

In Sequence

Anything from Wild Mood Swings or any albums since. I think that Close to Me and Lovecats just don't really work live. Nor does The Caterpillar. Why Can't I Be You is possibly the most irritating song they have ever recorded and was in my opinion awful on Saturday 29th. Boys Don't Cry isn't very interesting any more either.....

I would love to hear more songs from 3 Imaginary Boys (& Boys Don't Cry) /17 Seconds/Faith/Pornography. I thought I'm Cold was fantastic when they played it at Reflections, really dynamic. Splintered in Her Head was great too.


Well...to be more precise.I feel a bit ashamed:
"Greatest Hits" (except A Forest,The Walk,Wrong Number,Cut Here)
"Disintegration" (except Prayers For Rain,Disintegration,Homesick,Untitled)
That's it.  :oops:
Don Juan, malgré la pauvreté de la ma-
tière où il s'efforce, touche à l'Abstrait par
une conception de la femme que ni l'Orient
ni les modernes n'ont osé formuler.

TYPHONIA, XIᵉ roman de l'Ethopée


Well, this is my first update after four years and contains only one song
that could disappear for a while from future setlist: 

From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea

Don Juan, malgré la pauvreté de la ma-
tière où il s'efforce, touche à l'Abstrait par
une conception de la femme que ni l'Orient
ni les modernes n'ont osé formuler.

TYPHONIA, XIᵉ roman de l'Ethopée