What are your resolutions for the new year?

Started by dsanchez, January 01, 2021, 19:20:41

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2021 resolutions

- go to Peru
- 2,000km by bicycle
- visit a new country
- do The Cure pilgrim route
- get vaccinated
- read one book a week
- buy a new coffee machine
- use phone no more than 30'/week
- grow wealth in at least 50%
- learn new software for robotics
2019.06.08 Dublin
2019.07.04 Novi Sad
2019.07.17 Athens


2019.06.08 Dublin
2019.07.04 Novi Sad
2019.07.17 Athens


Thanks for the link, @dsanchez:)  It's good to have how-to with goals.

You might like this book I'm halfway through for your 2021 reading list, if you've not read it already - it's very good:  https://charlesduhigg.com/books/the-power-of-habit/

I like that in our era of technical insanity you have this resolution to cut down phone use (I don't even have a smartphone, is how I got out of that one, and I prefer a laptop to a postage stamp anyway;  Brett recently read a book called Digital Minimalism that helped him further streamline the technological side of things).  And I like your goals about travel, and cycling, and reading, and learning, and getting your jab, and spoiling yourself a bit with a coffee gadget!  :cool

I tend not to make New Year's Resolutions because I sometimes think they lead to jinxes... or I make one main resolution to focus on - that tends to work well for us.  We're doing pretty OK with healthy eating, exercising, sleeping, and getting our work done, but of course there's always things in those we want to improve further...

When we finished building our house in 2016 we had to really focus on cardiovascular fitness... 5 years where we were mainly building and working around our farm in almost all our spare time had completely thrown us off our hiking and cycling schedules.  We were doing loads of physical work, including endless lime plastering (three coats to perimeter walls of entire house, inside and out)...

...and funnily enough, after a day of that, you just don't say, "Hey, I feel like riding my bicycle, or climbing uphill for a couple of hours!" like you would after a day in the office... so while we looked really fit after building the house, we really weren't, and had to start again in some ways.  We're mostly on top of that now (but it's still not as easy to do as when I used to have a regular indoors job!).

So that was one bugbear we finally mostly dealt with (now if only there wasn't hayfever season, because that throws us for six as well with our strenuous-exercise regime :evil:).

There's two things though that I've been trying to re-introduce as New Year's Resolutions for the past two years, and failed miserably with, to be honest.  I'd love to have those things back in my repertoire but have just not managed to do them more than in a patchy manner, sometimes with months of nothing.  It seems that I just can't fathom the energy to add them in on a regular basis - in part because I already have a huge to-do list:

1) Get back into doing Pilates at least 30 minutes at least every second day
2) Get back into playing my bloody musical instrument, grrrr.

Those two things were not a problem in life-before-the-farm:  I signed up to a group Pilates class twice-weekly, pre-paid so there was both financial and social pressure to go.  Once I was there, the instructor made sure we worked our tails off, so you only needed 60 minutes twice a week and that was all taken care of.  It's the missing link for effective core strength for me - I've got a pre-existing back injury from my early 20s that I've successfully kept at bay for most of my adult life by doing Pilates.

I'm too far from town to be able to continue to attend classes without losing an hour each time on the road, and it's not nearly as easy to make yourself do this stuff on your own.  I've got the mat and I did a compilation CD that goes for 30 minutes - the CD actually helped a lot, and just doing this stuff first thing in the morning - I had a nice routine going for a few months.  But then we opened the farmstay, and that's cost me my morning exercise slot when we have guests.

The music practice thing is another bugbear. It's something I love doing but don't have the energy to do when I've finished all the other stuff for the day.  In my breaks from the outdoor work, I usually collapse and read a book, or do some writing on the laptop (some of which you see here :winking_tongue) - because it gives me a complete break from physical work.  I just never come in feeling like standing up with a violin for a bit.  Conversely, when most of my work was indoors, and sedentary, I wanted to do energetic things when I came home.  And that's the basic bind, I think.

So I'm reticent about making resolutions about these two things - but if anyone has any brilliant ideas on how to possibly approach this, I'm all ears.  I'm actually thinking of creating a timetable for myself where I make non-negotiable time slots for my "missing activities" this year...
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