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2019.05.24 Sydney - Sydney Opera House (Australia) 'Vivid Live'

Started by dsanchez, February 18, 2019, 22:32:44

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I added several reviews (some of them contain videos and photos of the gig) in the first post of this topic. There was a review by The Guardian not so keen to The Cure, and there was a fan responding to it. Both links there too.

This is from The Guardian and I personally agree with the last sentence of it:

QuoteWe would have been better off without an encore at all, rather than one that had the night and its energy dribble away.

Hence why I think it was a good idea to start with this in the second date.
2019.06.08 Dublin
2019.07.04 Novi Sad
2019.07.17 Athens


Surprised that no-one mentioned Bob used the same guitar as in the London Town & Country Club 1991 gig ;)

2019.06.08 Dublin
2019.07.04 Novi Sad
2019.07.17 Athens


'And the........festivities?'
(Valentine Dyall in 'City Of The Dead')

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At Fear of Ghosts, I get goosebumps. Well done guys! 👌🏻
Notre esprit ne supporte pas un degré trop
élevé de précision, et nous avons plus de joie
dans l'indéfini: de là, la puissance de l'amour et
de musique; de là, les mystagogies hallucinantes.

Comment on devient artiste, esthétique. p. 185


Can't you see I try? Swimming the same deep water as you is hard...


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Quote from: cheyler on May 26, 2019, 20:12:25
Quote from: chemicaloverload on May 25, 2019, 11:44:45Oh WOAW, sounds like a dream. Enjoy the other 4 <3

I love the Bill Hicks reference...

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Life is only a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves