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What's in your opinion The Cure's most sexual song?

Started by dsanchez, March 27, 2019, 20:25:44

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This question got lots of reactions (why that would be?) in our Twitter account, so replicating it here.

For me it would be "The Kiss". Those guitars are like two people making love in a (very) passionate way and of course that "Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss me" at the beginning hits it perfectly. This is the most sexual IMO.


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Quote from: chemicaloverload on March 27, 2019, 20:39:28
I agree with that but also this,

Oh yeah...

It looks good
It tastes like nothing on earth
It looks good
It tastes like nothing on earth
Its so smooth it even feels like skin
It tells me how it feels to be new
2019.06.08 Dublin
2019.07.04 Novi Sad
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The Man Inside My Mouth is the first thing that comes to mind. It's also pretty abstract, as if to hide what's happening, but comes clean about its intent at the end:

"So I was ****, I was **** like a fat lady would
But I couldn't hold it down another second

"Don't twitch, don't shout, don't think, don't even breathe"
She said, "Or the photograph will spoil and cut you off at the head"
So I was sweating, I was sweating like a fat lady would
And I woke up with a man inside my mouth

This won't hurt at all"

I think many of their songs are climactic and though they may not have one sexual lyric, it reminds me of climax and "afterglow." Out of This World is like that, so atmospheric. Also To Wish Impossible Things. I'm pretty sure The Cure didn't intend to write sexuality into some of their more subtly sexual songs, just happened intuitively.

There's differing said things said about Lullaby, but the closest to truth I could find is that it has to do with a child being molested. Tim Pope wrote that off, said that Robert was doing too many hallucinogenics or something, but my impression is that Robert's uncle used to molest him. Of course I don't believe that 100%, just pictures put together from things I've read.

I mentioned Letter to Elise on Twitter, about how he wished he could get inside of her, but never would.

I think one of the more subtle sexual songs is Lovecats. "Into the sea, you and me all the years that no one heard." (I used to hear "into the sea" as "intimacy)."

One of the obvious sexual songs, catch: "And I remember it used to feel soft at the time, but I always used to wake up sore."

The Cure is definitely a sexual band in my opinion, but again I think it's more subtle and tasteful than blatant.


Well I've always had the impression that both "Kyoto Song" and "Man inside..." were inspired by one or two of Robert's nightmares (about eating someone) - at least that's what he said many years ago. (Of course there are sexual aspects and double meanings in the songs as well.)

Some good examples have been mentioned already.
I guess you'll need to look no further than the "Pornography" (!) album to find something...  ;)
"She glows and grows
With arms outstretched
Her legs around me "
("Siamese Twins")

Also, the persona in "Want" does want "More fame, more sex" and even:
"More drink, more dreams, more drugs
More lust, more lies, more love"

Then "Return" seems to be about a sexual relationship too:
"And I reeeally love the way you wear your hair
And nothing more...

And I reeeally love the way you turn
Your smile into striptease..."

And "The 13th":
"I'm surprised at how hot honey-coloured and hungry she looks
And I have to turn away to keep from bursting
Yeah I feel that good ...

If you want I can take you on another kind of ride
Believe me I would but
Deep inside the 'but' is 'please'
I am yearning for another taste
And my shaking is 'yes' ...

But I think I get a bit confused
Am I seducing or being seduced?"
Harold and Joe - go go go...


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2019.07.04 Novi Sad
2019.07.17 Athens


I have to say "Let's go to bed" is too obvious for me - it's more like an ironic take on the "pop business" of love/sex songs...  :1f632:
Harold and Joe - go go go...


Quote from: Ulrich on March 29, 2019, 11:04:09
I have to say "Let's go to bed" is too obvious for me - it's more like an ironic take on the "pop business" of love/sex songs...  :1f632:

I agree. Let's Go to Bed is just a sexual title. The lyrics don't connote anything sexual. "You think you're tired now, well wait until 3." Who wants to get sexual at 3 AM when they're feeling super tired?   :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I think they knew what they were doing by using the lyrics and title "Let's Go to Bed," but the song doesn't really seem to be about sex.