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Shake Dog Shake

Started by word_on_a_wing, June 11, 2019, 11:31:36

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Ok, for fear of sounding very silly I am willing to ask something I've been wondering for a while... can anyone explain to me the meaning of Shake Dog Shake?

I find these lyrics perhaps some of the most perplexing and challenging, and my mind spins in disturbing directions trying to decipher it.

Thanks for any insights 🙏🏼
"Where the flesh meets the spirit world,
Where the traffic is thin..."


Well, what I can tell is very little and it comes from the book "Ten Imaginary Years", where the song was described as:
aggressive and brooding "about me during the Banshees tour"
(the quote is from Robert, of course).
If only I'd thought of the right words...


Found additional quotes by Robert in The Cure - Ultimate Music Guide, p. 57

Quote from: The Ultimate Music GuideThe thing is, I never change at all after taking LSD,
no matter how many times I take it. It hasn't changed or altered
my perception of the world at all, which is what it does to some
people. In that sense, I've always had a very distorted view of
reality, my sense of values has always been the same. When I tripped
for the first time, I realized that it was just like I was anyway.
I stopped taking it in the end because I just felt sick and got a

Quote from: The Ultimate Music GuideI don't take a lot of drugs, although The Top was pretty
drug-orientated, but only 'cos it was fun.
Don Juan, malgré la pauvreté de la ma-
tière où il s'efforce, touche à l'Abstrait par
une conception de la femme que ni l'Orient
ni les modernes n'ont osé formuler.

TYPHONIA, XIᵉ roman de l'Ethopée


Always seen it as a great anthem for self-loathing.