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'The Cure Anniversary 1978-2018: Live in Hyde Park' will hit cinemas this summer

Started by dsanchez, May 04, 2019, 11:21:00

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A funny moment tonight.. arrived at the cinema early. I stand near the entrance for a moment, unsure if I'm at the right door. A guy around 40-50y/o, who looks a little rough does similar, walks up to me and says I look as lost as him. I said "are you here for The Cure?" He replied "no, I'm seeing Pets"
😂 that was totally unexpected! A lesson to not read a book by its cover
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I watched the film at an independent cinema called 'Lumiere' (means 'Light' in french) here in Bratislava. Ticket was 10 EUR and the hall was about 90% full. There were some familiar faces as I think most Curefans here in this small city know each other. I met @charlotte sometimes after very long time. A man did an introduction before the film, mentioned 'In Orange' and that Tim Pope is a long collaborator of the band, and he also mentioned other films they will pass in the upcoming months. This one was part of a series called 'Music & Film'.

It felt very nostalgic. Was watching this and so many memories came to my mind. Was thinking a lot about 'The Cure In Orange', difficult not to compare. I enjoyed the movie, I loved the sound (it was pretty amazing), and the video effects in psychedelic songs such as "If Only Tonight...". The highlights for me were that song, "Plainsong", "Disintegration" and "Push". The filming was beautiful and you could see how the band enjoyed playing that gig. Every word said by Robert between the songs was subtitled. I am glad I had the chance to be somewhere in the audience in that very hot summer day in London. Can't believe the time went so fast (first time I watched 'In Orange' was around 1993 and the 'Hyde Park' gig was already one year ago!)

I loved the close ups and Robert's classic gestures, Simon bouncing around the stage as always (much more than In Orange even thought he is 30 years older now), Reeves and his thoughtful way of playing, Roger and his proficiency in the keyboards and Jason... Hmmm.. although the drum's sound was pretty good (honestly, every instrument sounded perfect), he looked so stressed, like if he was counting the beat. Did anyone else had the same impression? I could be wrong, of course. But I couldn't help and compared him with Boris in 'Show', how relaxed yet powerful he played, or with Kiss's Erik Carr (watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDZggIp3t1s from 3:07 - 3:20 and how he kills it)

Anyway, they will pass the film again this Sunday and I am considering seeing it again for a second time :P

The Czech trailer (no, they do not speak Czech in Slovakia but Slovaks understand it pretty well)

2019.06.08 Dublin
2019.07.04 Novi Sad
2019.07.17 Athens


I couldn't watch the film, only one day at 8pm, so i was still at work.
Any news about it releasing on BR/DVD or even download code? I really wish they allow to have a 4K download, along with a physical release,  for those that don't plan to buy a UHD BR player.


2 tickets are booked for the movie on Thursday (July 25th), my ex is inclined to come along (hope she won't have to cancel).
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