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A gift to Robert Smith

Started by Eyepot, June 10, 2019, 14:27:48

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Hi everybody! I'm Eyepot from Peterhof, suburb of Saint Petersburg, Russia. I'm 41 now and I'm a great Cure fan since 1989. I compose stories, mostly in Russian but some in English too. Also I try myself as an artist and some people even buy my paintings and books. Here's some pages from my Lake Of Fire... My great dream is to send a print of it somehow to Robert Smith... Can anybody help with this???
Do you see the stars?
Cause I've got only clouds and window lights...
Waiting and waiting and waiting
Cause I miss
And just anything would be OK!
Be and be more!!


Hi @Eyepot and welcome to!

I am afraid no-one has the answer. There was a Cure International Information Service but that does not exist anymore. The best way I guess is to give this to Robert Smith himself. Hope you can get to meet him in the upcoming Russian show.
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