Shake Dog Shake

Started by word_on_a_wing, June 11, 2019, 11:31:36

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Ok, for fear of sounding very silly I am willing to ask something I've been wondering for a while... can anyone explain to me the meaning of Shake Dog Shake?

I find these lyrics perhaps some of the most perplexing and challenging, and my mind spins in disturbing directions trying to decipher it.

Thanks for any insights 🙏🏼
"Where the flesh meets the spirit world,
Where the traffic is thin..."


Well, what I can tell is very little and it comes from the book "Ten Imaginary Years", where the song was described as:
aggressive and brooding "about me during the Banshees tour"
(the quote is from Robert, of course).
It's never enough...


Found additional quotes by Robert in The Cure - Ultimate Music Guide, p. 57

Quote from: The Ultimate Music GuideThe thing is, I never change at all after taking LSD,
no matter how many times I take it. It hasn't changed or altered
my perception of the world at all, which is what it does to some
people. In that sense, I've always had a very distorted view of
reality, my sense of values has always been the same. When I tripped
for the first time, I realized that it was just like I was anyway.
I stopped taking it in the end because I just felt sick and got a

Quote from: The Ultimate Music GuideI don't take a lot of drugs, although The Top was pretty
drug-orientated, but only 'cos it was fun.
L'amitié te trahit et l'amour te deçoit. Regarde: ne vois-tu pas cette nouvelle étoile qui s'allume au ciel!
(Comment on devient mage, éthique, p. 260.)


Always seen it as a great anthem for self-loathing.