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Hi, need advice on Join The Dots please

Started by Faz, July 01, 2019, 22:58:31

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Hi, having collected all of the albums and enjoyed many of the b-sides of a number of the cd singles I'm looking at getting the Join The Dots compilation /set. I'm aware there are two versions, the first release, narrow and taller than the re-release. Both are generally available for the same price, my question is other than the shape are there any differences for example did they find any wrong versions used on the first release that were then corrected on the latter, if not which do you think is better for reading the book pages etc? I'm leaning towards the original for the ridiculous reason that it's the same shape as my other box sets and anything else would freak out my OCD based preferences!
My other question is how are they so damned tight sounding in an era of so few gigs! Can't wait for what comes next.
Thanks, any advice much appreciated


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