Some Cure 'Art'!

Started by the thread of a dream, July 08, 2019, 00:37:49

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the thread of a dream

They are not as good as the self-titled album cover, but this my attempt at the Cure... (but mostly just Robert Smith as group drawings are hard to capture everyones faces well without mucking up, but you learn these things...)

Okay some are a bit wonky, and some I am really proud of as I worked my behind off on some of them! Some of them are biro/pen drawings, (Robert with the neck of his Shecter, the kind of badly done one of Robert in 1985-ish with crimped hair) one is a print I did, (Robert with playing his guitar) others are ink, which is the whole band, (I'm working on another whole group one) and ink is really difficult, (I must master it!) So hence why some facial features are a bit off, the other ones are in pencil, I suppose my best one is probably the one of Robert in pencil of him in around 1987-ish... (my most recent) the other pencil drawing, I might re-do, better and bigger than that drawing. I am working on another one of the whole band, in 2004, which I will put up if it works out okay, but for now, this is my half-decent work I can show without cringing too much! I have paintings as well, but they are in my portfolio, which I won't get back until September, (hence the print I did, that was a mis-print I kept, the proper ones are in the portfolio) wthe painting is of Robert, and I am so proud of that. (now you know how young I am...) I have more drawings, if anyone is interested in seeing those other ones... but for now, I thought I'd show some of the stuff I have done!
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wow! you are definitely talented!
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the thread of a dream

Thank you! Some are a bit dodgy, I know, but hey, as Robert says 'I don't regret anything', so there yah go. I'll put up my finished drawing soon, it is in pencil 🎶
☆Slit the cats like cheese!
Then eat the sweet sticky things! ☆


Very cool i love the one with the blood red background :heart-eyes