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Insane Entertainment Especially For Cure Fans

Started by SueC, July 28, 2019, 06:11:21

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Quote from: SueC on September 02, 2020, 06:52:18"...Let's hope Cooper is made of stronger stuff."

Wow, just wow. He's getting them all killed... :1f632:
It's never enough...


Yeah, I know.  He goes through so many minotaurs.  :1f631:

Here's what happened with Jason Cooper the Minotaur:  Firstly, we report that because he's a cool cat, he had multiple lives.  :angel

In his third incarnation, he enjoyed his highest score, and came in third behind Simon Gallup the Minotaur and Robert Smith the Minotaur.

Brett has since killed Ringo the Minotaur, and is currently playing Shirley Manson of Garbage in this dungeon of doom.

Boys...  :-D

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Seen at the local hippie outfitters in Denmark, from whom I bought a pair of colourful patchwork pants:



A Late-Night Conversation

Brett:  I like the word halibut.  It's a great word.  As is krumhorn.

Sue:  Krrroom-horrrn.  In slightly mis-spelled German, that means "crooked horn"... which is how it looks...

Brett:  I'd like to start a cigar company called Halibut.  That way I could say, "I'm smoking a halibut."

Sue:  You could smoke a halibut in a krumhorn.  Just dangle it in there and start a fire in the bottom; nice smoked fish a little later.  How big is a halibut?  ...oh, hang on.  Maybe you'd need an Alpenhorn...

Brett:  You could smoke an Alpenhorn.

Sue:  What would you put in it?  A biscuit off a square bale of cannabis?  You know, use a pitchfork and stuff the bottom with it, and light it up with a drip torch?  And then the Alpenhorn player plays reverse notes?  (sings)  It's A Long Way To Tipperary...

Brett:  Who makes square bales of cannabis?

Sue:  Oh, Farmer Freddy.  After he mows and windrows his marijuana field.

Brett:  He does that? And makes square bales?

Sue:  Well, round bales would be a bit large for this application.

Brett:  Indeed.  How much would a round bale of that be worth?

Sue:  Oh no, the hay shed's on fire!

(Scene dissolves into laughter and cackling, just another Friday night at home...)
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@Ulrich, Brett has an update on Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup for you.  Apparently Enid Blyton is the reigning grand champion of them all, beating even Simon Gallup's score by orders of magnitude.  He says Edgar Allan Poe also beat Simon Gallup.  Maybe being dead is an advantage in this game...
SueC is time travelling