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Started by SueC, July 28, 2019, 06:11:21

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Who Wants To Play?

Three Real Girls
71 Eons
The Bottom
Foot On The Floor
Hit Me, Hit Me, Hit Me
An Even Temperament
The Disease
13:4 Reality


Inuit Shouting
The Emu:  Extinguish
Break The Line:  A-Sides & Common Things
Random Selection
Dead In Jekyll Drive

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Ultra-Romantic Bedroom Conversation

Disclaimer:  Any resemblance to persons living or deceased is entirely coincidental.  :angel

She (appreciatively): Mmmmh.  You do realise that if anyone else tried to touch me like this, I'd shoot them.

He: We don't actually have a firearm.

She: I would go find one.

He: What sort would you go for?

She: A medieval cannon, I think.

He: (whistles 1812 overture)

She: Hey! This is not an earworm I want for a romantic interlude.

He (laughing): Yes, it is a bit inappropriate for that.

She (archly): Unless someone is looking to fire their cannon.

He (genuinely shocked and spluttering): Excuse me?

(Riotous laughter ensues)

He: Nobody would believe this conversation.  Normal people don't have conversations like this.
SueC is time travelling


We bought a new game today - it looks very promising:

You have to explain concepts like emotional intimacy, emergency room and vacuum in "Neanderthal-speak" - you're only allowed to use single syllable words in your sentences and if you slip up and use multi-syllable words you get hit with an inflatable cudgel.  :lol:

In our initial run-through, just the two of us playing, we found it was more fun (and more egalitarian) to share the inflatable cudgel so that the guesser can hit the poet for accidentally using words containing more than one syllable, but ADDITIONALLY the poet can hit the guesser for really stupid guesses.

There's an optional activity where you have to do fill-in-the-blanks poetry, and you get hit or not depending on how the others like your finished poem.  The poetry cards can't be called poetry cards because poetry has three syllables, so they're called "Grok's Words of Love and Sad" cards.

Here's an example (fill with single syllable words only):


Grok love make loud sound
Grok throw ______ on to ground
Grok hit drum with ______ in hand
Grok start first ______ band.

Hours of fun.

PS:  And now, of course, we are trying to re-write Cure lyrics in Neanderthal-speak.  We made the discovery that Friday I'm In Love is already mostly Neanderthal-speak.  Here goes:

Day Five Me In Love
Please note:  Day Five is last day of work week!

Me no care if Day One blue
Day Two grey and Day Three too
Day Four me no care for you
On Day Five me in love

Day One you can hack off part
Day Two, Day Three break my heart
Day Four does not start to start
On Day Five me in love

Day Six wait
And Last Day e'er comes too late
But Day Five ne'er pause to wait

Me no care if Day One black
Day Two, Day Three heart stop whack
Day Four ne'er me look back
On Day Five me in love

That was easy, and within the rules, even if it ended up sounding like a bit of a cross between Neanderthal-speak and a drunken mathematician who enjoys reading Wordsworth.  We chose to include ne'er (and e'er) because it's become a word outright with different and more elevated connotations than the original "never" rather than being a simple contraction like don't, and it has just one spoken syllable, but if you want to quibble, just substitute not.

Brett says that the ease with which this song was translated entirely into one-syllable words probably helps to explain its great popularity with the general public.

We need to do something more complex like the lyrics to Disintegration.  I'll just start with the title:  Is when you fall to bits.  The rest is a bit more challenging and I see no hope of preserving any semblance of the metre or rhyme there.  :beaming-face
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