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From The Edge Of The Deep Green Tea

Started by SueC, August 29, 2019, 11:51:38

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This is the thread where you can tell everyone how you have your tea - let me count the ways, etc.

You can thank Brett for the thread title. He was just ad-libbing when he came in with cups of tea for us.  We drink a lot of green tea, and out of the biggest soup mugs we were able to find.  We stopped bothering with normal-sized teacups a long time ago.  What's the point in having a cup of tea and then having to make another immediately afterwards?  This is so much more convenient, and the soup mug size is just perfect for cupping both your hands around.  Brett has his green tea plain, I have green jasmine tea with honey and with milk from the creamy top of the bottle (we have raw non-supermarket milk, straight out of a cow with no subsequent factory processing).  In days past, I used to add a splash of rosewater to my concoction as well, but I've gone off this - our own honey imparts plenty of floweriness to the mix anyway.

I sometimes have Chai green tea, made with our own "doobies" - bits of star anise, cardamon pods, cloves, and slices of fresh ginger, with honey and milk of course... and I always eat the ginger, and sometimes the other stuff as well, during tea-drinking.

Brett sometimes gets mint from the garden and drops a few leaves into his green tea.  He adds honey only when feeling under the weather, and the only milk he has in his tea, ever, is when he has black tea - he has one teaspoonful of milk in that, per soup mug - not even enough to make the tea opaque, it just kind of goes muddy.  When I first met him, I used to joke that one lactating mouse would fulfil all his household's milk requirements.  When I make the tea, I still ask him, "Green tea, or black tea with mouse milk?"

We always start the day by padding across into the kitchen to make tea, and then have that as the start of breakfast in bed (we stopped having breakfasts at the table years ago, except when we have visitors).  It's a really civilised way to start the day, and allows us to ease into the world slowly, rather than experience jarring transitions at this delicate time of day.

Usually, I'm the person making tea in the morning, since I am an early bird, and Brett is a night owl.  Therefore, I am officially the "morning magician" at our house, and Brett is the "evening elf" - because I am useless after dinner, and then he tends to me and brings me anything I'd like.  It's nice how the differences in body clocks have worked for us - each of us gets a pampering, at opposite ends of the day - and each also gets to spoil the other senseless when they are at their most feeble.  It's a lovely tradition.

In summer, we have a lot of iced tea - generally green, with mint, with citrus, with jasmine, sometimes with several of these at once. We make a big vat of it and keep it in the fridge, and it barely lasts the day.

Now over to you for your tea preferences, stories and rituals.  :)
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"...Let me count the ways..."

This saying always makes this song pop in my head...

Me and tea? what shall it be? Hmm, let's see...

I like to start my weekend by brewing a big pot of chai. In a pot I put in cloves, cinnamon stick, cardamom pods, black peppers, and fresh ginger. Fill with boiling water, cover, simmer 20min, turn off, add teabag (I prefer Rooibos) and steep, serve with milk and honey :)
Or if I'm lazy I'll do a teabag, the brand YogiTea have a nice Rooibos chai one 👌
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Clever thread title...

I'm gonna try out do you 😝

Pictures of Ewes ?

...ok it's lame, I know it 😜
"Where the flesh meets the spirit world,
Where the traffic is thin..."


...is that a Cure remix for NZ sheep farmers, @word_on_a_wing ? ;)  Marketing these days is all about finding your niche...

Brett has been threatening to rewrite the whole lyrics of Edge Of The Deep Green Sea to make it about tea and its magnificences - a subject on which he can hold forth for days with no prior preparation.  Thankfully, he has been too preoccupied with his latest Cyberman essay to start on that.  Things like this happen around here, though.  A couple of years ago I wrote Brett a little descriptive poem about himself which had to be sung to the tune of The Blue Danube.  I remember the start of that:  He starts with a B (he's Brett, he's Brett) / and ends in a T (he's Brett, he's Brett)... but would have to look up the rest.  I think we'd been reading Hilaire Belloc's Cautionary Tales For Children, and it inspired this sort of thing.

You have quite a propensity for rhyming yourself! :) And your tea also sounds very nice.

The graphic you provided would make a fine album cover! :cool

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More tea themes:

The Waterboys dedicated a whole album to it:  This Is The Tea.  The title track seems to be about camping, it goes: Well, that was the river / and this is the tea.

Robert Plant likes a cuppa too, why else would he have covered the song called Tea Of Love?

Echo & The Bunneymen have Seven Teas - now that's a good day!

Dr Who has a story called The Tea Devils.

There is that old classic novel, The Old Man And The Tea.

And a much beloved late 1990s Australian drama series, Teachange.

There actually is a band called The Tea Party (and Brett is going, "And a fine band they are too!").

Sailors usually go to tea.

There's the decision you have to make every morning:  The devil or the deep blue tea?

And if you're feeling alone, remember, There's plenty more fish in the tea!  :angel
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This is Brett summing up the tea situation at our house:

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