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Interesting dreams

Started by word_on_a_wing, September 09, 2019, 15:45:02

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I've been in awe of dreaming for as long as I can recall, and since around 2011 began keeping a journal of all the most interesting dreams that I've had. I thought I'd start this topic and occasionally post a random dream from my journal. And if anyone else has dreams they'd like to share I'd be really interested!! 😀

I'll start things off with a dream I had a few weeks before David Bowie passed over. A bit of an unusual but interesting one...
15/11/15: David is in the presence of two female secretaries. Then a young guy (in his 20s) is there. There is an indication the young guy fancies David. It seems David is perceiving himself as older than what would be considered attractive so initially doesn't believe it, but then he sees something that confirms it may be true (the young guy revealing this truth in conversation with a secretary). ...next scene: the young guy is in a bathtub outside somewhere. David appears, kneels beside the bathtub so they are now face-to-face, and it's like he purposefully created this opportunity, to see what happens. He doesn't seem to make a move as still seems doubtful that it could be true. The young guy says something like that he "wanted to do something" for a long time (since they met?) and leans forward to kiss David, they kiss, and it's beautiful ...next scene: Time has jumped forward. David is walking near an outdoor concert and a song is playing while something (a symbol that looks like a jewel) is being projected on a screen. I perceive it is a message referring to the young guy from many years earlier, like David is referring to how this guy had meant something special to him.  David is now walking near an audience and he is noticing and admiring some young guys who have a very androgynous look (long hair and facial hair). He goes over to one of the guys who is holding/embracing his girlfriend. David touches affectionately the guys chin/beard, very briefly but with such warmth, and then continues to walk.
My reflections immediately after the dream: one thing that struck me was how David, through positioning himself beside the bath as he did, it was very powerful, yet he wasn't actively doing anything. It's like he created a space, while being open, and there was a sense of honesty and presence. He wasn't pushing actively in any direction, he was more just being there in an open and honest way, which created the space for something to manifest.

...many years later I'm still digesting this one. It feels beautiful and mysterious.

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It just so happens I was listening to ABC-RN while gardening yesterday, and caught a Book Show episode on the general topic, which I think you might enjoy:


The scenarios and discussions on that show were really interesting! :)
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