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Design a terrible piece of Cure merchandise

Started by SueC, February 02, 2020, 02:30:11

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Roger O'Donnell Edition Tambourine

For playing along to all the Cure tracks not featuring keyboards.

Available in economical bulk packs for school music programmes.
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I'm sure Roger will love this, if he ever gets to see it (maybe he'd buy one)!  :lol:
It's never enough...


Maybe he wouldn't drop that one on the floor... ;)  :beaming-face   :angel
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Beating Ignorance Is The Cure COVID-19 Kit

Item 1 of 5

Be a caring member of your community.  Don't be a selfish swine taking more than your fair share of basic resources.  Other people have needs too.

Remember, your IQ is 150 minus the number of rolls of toilet paper at your house.

Item 2 of 5

Wash your hands, people!  Soap and water are just as effective as fancy handwashes and sanitisers if you do it properly.

Don't touch your face unless your hands are properly clean.  Especially, don't touch your eyes or lips or pick your nose or stick fingers in your mouth or bite your fingernails, unless you have washed your hands thoroughly beforehand (and not re-contaminated yourself from a dirty tap etc).  This is hard to do unless we practice lots and are mindful, because we involuntarily do this loads of times otherwise.  This is why some people who aren't coughing or sneezing wear surgical masks anyway - not because ordinary surgical masks protect you properly from aerosolised pathogens (they are better at protecting bystanders from bugs you might sneeze out or cough up), but because it helps people stop absent-mindedly touching their mouths and noses.

Tutorials on effective hand-washing are available on YouTube.  20 seconds minimum is generally recommended (not 17 Seconds, I'm sorry to say) - and wash them as if you've just chopped jalapenos and are planning on putting in some contact lenses next.

Find a little song to sing, time where you get to in 20 seconds, and sing that part every time you wash your hands if necessary.  For example, the first four lines of Summertime should be sufficient.

Summertime, and the living is easy
Fish are jumping, and the cotton is high
Oh, your daddy's rich, and your mama's good-looking
So, hush, little baby, don't you cry

Item 3 of 5

Watch this space!  We know what's coming, but it takes time to do the graphics!

PS:  We know this is naughty, but we also did this with affection.  :)
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Item 3 of 5

Because wearing a mask should be fun!

This one is a dual-purpose mask serving both latter-day Cure fans and earlier-day Bowie fans.
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Item 4 of 5

(Brett is on annual leave and got creative today.)
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