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The Ranting Thread

Started by SueC, April 09, 2020, 06:12:28

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Call THAT a rant?   :evil:  :P

...a mere two lines...  :1f634:

...more like a rantlet.   :angel

My rant is still cooking.  However, Brett came home ranty yesterday, growling about how he wanted to kill people who talked in circles on the phone instead of getting to the point.  :evil:  Apparently it no longer attracts attention at his workplace when he's smacking his own forehead with his fist and miming strangling a person while on the telephone.  The really funny part of that is that he is constantly complimented on his wonderful telephone manner.  He claims this is because he turns off a part of himself in order to speak on the telephone.  However, when I asked him if he did that when he was on the phone with me at the start of our relationship, he said no, that wasn't work.  :angel   I can't understand a) his misanthropy, and b) why he makes an exception for me, although he says the answer to b) is "mammary glands"... which clearly is a dodge, since around half the population has those.

I am asking him to explain his misanthropy and he's saying, "My philosophy is simple.  People are idiots."  The other day he said, "If you're breathing, you're part of the problem."  (I noticed he was breathing.  :angel)

Tea appears to temporarily reduce his symptoms...
SueC is time travelling


Quote from: SueC on April 14, 2020, 14:29:09If we excuse that kind of stuff, we lower our expectations, and people often happily sink to those low expectations.  On the other hand, if we have high expectations of what people's behaviour is going to be, people often rise to those (or disappear entirely, to find murkier waters to wallow in).  This then allows for a nice, warm, interactive environment where people can talk openly and feel supported and respected - rare as hen's teeth on the Internet, which is yet another reason it's worth doing.

When I came here, I expected lively discussions, but I was quickly taught better. In the meantime, those who "just read" no longer bother me. This is because I no longer have the time and patience to read and reflect on everything. When I listen to music or write a text, I am still concerned about 12 to 18 hours later. On the other hand, I'm happy when someone posts something that has been offline for a long time. Unfortunately, moments like this have become rare. When 2020 started, I thought to myself: "Oh G*d, don't let it be an off topic year again!" I'm "on the road" there too, but sometimes I think it's "too much".
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