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'The 80s and other reminiscences'

Started by MAtT, July 18, 2020, 12:21:12

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I don't wanna interrupt your exchange here, but: would you both agree if we move the "chat" part (which has nothing to do with Cure songs/lyrics) into the "off topic" section?
If only I'd thought of the right words...


No worries from my side!  :)  What about you, Matt?  Any suggestions for a title for the chat part? I'm out of ideas and I'd hate to constrain the new thread to a title... :angel

PS: If I was dull and unimaginative (and I will be until I eat chocolate eclairs) I could suggest Chat Arising From "All Mine Lyrics (1982 05 05 De Doelen, Rotterdam, Netherlands)" - but that would be dull and unimaginative...
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QuoteI don't wanna interrupt your exchange here, but: would you both agree if we move the "chat" part (which has nothing to do with Cure songs/lyrics) into the "off topic" section?

Sure, go for it!

And I will be finishing my reply Sue, just my mixture of laziness (natural) and business (forced, I'm job hunting at the moment as I was made redundant from my IT job after three months of furlough - not a bad thing, but still a pain now I have to get my ass in gear!)....

Title... um, 'The 80s and other reminiscences'?!?

Oh, and I forgot to say in a previous post, "Reading" is pronounced 'redding' :)
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Sorry to hear about the redundancy - happened to Brett mid-house-build (highly convenient) and upped the stress for a while until he found a suitable replacement.  The people at his new place are nicer though.  Hopefully you will land on your feet too.  Best of luck to you!

Thanks again for an interesting chat. :cool  Hope we'll see more of you here.

PS:  Got any dressing-up photos, @Ulrich?  Or anyone else?  :winking_tongue
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Quote from: MAtT on July 29, 2020, 11:11:08Sure, go for it!

Title... um, 'The 80s and other reminiscences'?!?

Great that you came up with a title, as I'd been already wondering how to title the new topic! :smth023
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Quote from: SueC on July 29, 2020, 11:42:33PS:  Got any dressing-up photos, Ulrich?

Not really. Matt's photos from the 80s reminded me of me trying to have such a haircut too (circa 1989)... inspired by the "new wave" and all that.

(Enjoy it while you can, I might delete it one day...)
If only I'd thought of the right words...


You all sharing your photos inspired me to look through some old photos. Here are two pictures I found of me at 16y/o. I missed out on being a teen in the 80s, but here I am in the mid90s a grungy little thing, with dyed hair and trenchcoat. The first one is me in ultra serious mode (😂) and the second one not so much

Me at 16y/o x2 pics
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Thanks for sharing the pics, woaw.

Some time ago we had a topic, in which I shared a few memories from the 80s:

Quote from: undefinedThe Cure - Untitled (the whole album often reminds me of the summer of '89, but this song in particular; I was hanging about with not much to do and rather melancholy at the time - school was over, love lost, what comes next?)

The Cure - Snakepit ("Well I'm out in a car and it's just full of stupid girls" is part of the lyrics - and this is exactly what it reminds me of!! :-D)

The Sound - Sense of purpose (will always remind me of the times around 1987, when I listened to this and lots of other new wave/(post-)punk/gothic music with some friends, while we were driving to or trying to find places where this kind of music was played... yeah we had some long journeys...)
If only I'd thought of the right words...


You two are such champions, @Ulrich and @word_on_a_wing:heart-eyes  :heart-eyes  :heart-eyes

Thank you for posting past photos - it's much less scary when other people do it too.  :smth023

Hahaha, @Ulrich - I guess being able to edit posts indefinitely makes it less "risky" to put silly pictures on.  On the other hand, don't both of you feel that having a couple of decades between the present and the photos lends one a little bit of...immunity? 

:rofl  Brett just said I should save a copy of your photo now, and make it my avatar!  Evil curmudgeon, I'm not going to do that, but it's funny anyway...

PS: Some funny pics, this time for logged-in people only.  Brett doesn't like putting any kind of "product" in his hair, but his hair naturally gets like that anyway, like with the wind behind him (that's from our wedding, haha, he saw it and said, "dandelion!"), or first thing in the morning.   :lol:
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Nowadays, like most people who grew up in the 1980s, I look back on those days fondly...
But, on second thought, it wasn't always that easy or "golden" as it may seem in retrospect.
(In my memory now, the 80s were good & nice, but also there was fear of a nuclear war etc.!)

Here in the forum, I've already told the tale of how I discovered The Cure (and other bands from the "new wave" era) around 1985.
Now it may look like this was the "golden era" of those bands (and it was in many ways), however the radio waves and music shows on television were dominated by other musicians (pop, new romantics, heavy metal, rap and whatnot...)
Some friends at school liked bands such as The Cure; but many were into U2, BAP (German rock band from Cologne) or Dire Straits or Iron Maiden or whatever. (I listened to those as well, but the new wave stuff was much more "my" own thing.)

With the music I liked, I soon realised, there was some kind of "prejudice": these bands sold many records, but they weren't played on the radio as much as others. Same goes for discos and clubs, the "dance" music which was on there, wasn't much to my taste at all.

In 1987 I got my driver's licence and with some friends (who were also into post-punk, new wave, gothic and such) we were on a "mission" to find the places where such music was played. I do remember driving to Heidenheim, but I don't remember the name of that disco we went to, they were playing stuff like The Sisters Of Mercy ("Alice") and so on.

We also tried other places, but sometimes it was the "wrong" night and they played the usual "disco" music.  :disappointed:

I do remember driving to Kirchheim/Teck one night to the "CafĂ© Klatsch" and there they played The Clash ("Should I stay or should I go"), which was cool (keep in mind: this was before the song was re-released and became a big hit in 1991)!  :cool

One "mistake" I made at the time was: I never went to concerts often enough. (We did go to see a German band called "The Multicoloured Shades" though in Ulm in 1987 - they played some kind of "punky/psychedelic" garage rock music.)
Nowadays driving to Stuttgart or other towns is a "normal" thing for me, back then it seemed like a "big journey" and I was under-experienced when it came to the traffic in big towns. Plus the tickets seemed rather expensive (looking back, of course they were ridiculously "cheap" back then)!
Thus, I missed some gigs I should've gone to (some I didn't even know of, others I knew but couldn't go).  :'(

That was about to change in the 1990s, when I finally got round to see some of my "faves", first of all The Cure (1992), Iggy Pop (1993), The Damned (1994), and even Pink Floyd (1994) and many more over the years.  :happy
If only I'd thought of the right words...