What habits did you change due COVID-19?

Started by dsanchez, September 15, 2020, 00:37:08

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I stopped going to the hairdresser and bought a Philips Hair Trimmer instead for 45 EUR. The result? I project to save 200-250 EUR/year (my hair grows pretty fast and I usually needed to go every month to cut it, to a cost of roughly 20 EUR/month)

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Nice going! :)  My own haircut is too complicated to DIY for me.  However, I do trim all the horse and donkey hooves myself, which saves us over $3,000 (1,844 EUR) a year. 

And as you can see, I'm totally the wrong build for it and have to stand quite contorted to get to hoof level.  A proper farrier is short and squat with short legs and huge arms.  Once a year, in the middle of the summer drought here when the hooves are like marble, as an annual treat I get a farrier friend in to do the job and he always gives me feedback too.  :cool

The donkeys, by the way, always get up close and personal when you're doing a trim - sniff your face, sniff your tools, sniff the hoof you are trimming, the horse's tail etc etc.  :lol:

There's always at least one hanging around!

But that's not specific to COVID...

Since COVID our lives actually aren't that different because our work was unaffected (essential services/homesteading) and because we already lived fairly isolated before that.  I did have to stop dropping in on friends when in town shopping etc, when the pandemic first started.  Now things are back to reasonably normal here for the moment because in Western Australia we've not had any documented community transmission so far - but could happen pretty quickly as the virus is in the state (quarantine) and because transport drivers etc could bring it in if they breached protocol.

The new normal here is the pandemic protocol of social distancing, hand hygiene etc, although some people are pretty lax about it by now because we've not even had a first wave yet in WA.  Brett and I are both extra careful to stay clear of other people and not breathe in their direction, and about hand washing whenever we're coming in from anywhere, and we sanitise our hands before and after entering shops (which all provide sanitiser at the entrance).  Brett says he has developed a habit of sniffing disdainfully at people who don't sanitise their hands on entering public buildings.

By the way, all this has resulted in the lowest level of flu and cold in our community since records were kept.  That's a nice by-product of attempting to keep SARS-CoV-2 at bay.

I think the biggest habit change for me has been about hugging.  I'm usually a hugger; I've not hugged anyone but Brett since the pandemic began; with one exception - I did give a friend I'd not seen for months a goodbye hug after she'd stayed with us for a week - and we were careful not to breathe in each other's directions.  We'd spent the week air hugging and bowing to each other as a substitute!
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Well my hair grew longer than I wanted it to back in April, but I stopped washing it so it was easy to back-comb it.  :beaming-face
(Disclaimer: I did wash it, but just not as often as I normally would. Well I didn't meet anyone, so why bother? Same thing with shaving: once a week was enough.)

Also, I decided to take in more drugs & alcohol, because Corona showed us that life can be short.  :winking_tongue
(Don't try this at home, kids!)

The biggest "habit changes" were of course forced on me: concerts didn't happen and meeting friends wasn't allowed (for a while at least).
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I go to the hairdresser about every eight weeks. The first appointment this year was on February 18th. The second only again on May 26th! Now I have long hair, so it's not that bad, but after three months it was time. During that time I couldn't have breakfast out - an old habit of mine, even in the cold, dark season. Let's see how long it will go. Hairdressers shouldn't be closed again and hopefully neither should the seating areas in bakeries. Operation should be possible with a mask, distance and documentation. 😷
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