Is the pandemic changing your look?

Started by dsanchez, January 08, 2021, 00:29:28

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Despite I got a hair trimmer (which I use) I start to get a long hair again... so I think in 3 months I will look like Simon Scott of Slowdive (first from the right) back in the 90's lol. What about you?

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Natural roots. I have them. Thankfully the last hair appointment I had put a root effect on my roots so its not looking too bad.
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We've gone longer between haircuts because of the initial WA lockdown last March/April - hairdressers were closed, and then just in general - and actually, when I tried to book my usual pre-Christmas hair appointment I got a recorded message saying the salon had ceased operating altogether, so I've had a very feral New Year, and ended up barely able to see, and feeling scruffy (you know what they say, we're all three meals and a haircut away from being savages).  Yesterday I finally had my hair cut, hooray - I found out my hairdresser's number and called her up, and she's now cutting from home - and when I got home, I turned it all dark brown, having had a fair bit of regrowth... unbelievable the difference a nice haircut makes to the way you feel! :)  She's done the back all concave and I don't look like a cross between a hobbit and Cousin Itt anymore.

And, I can see again.  My husband has been getting trims from me between being able to wangle hairdressers, which is a bit like pruning a fruit tree - I'm not a hairdresser, I just sort of snip away trying not to panic, and stop when it looks sort of good when you squint at it.  I do tend to leave more on than hairdressers do, which has led to him getting compliments at work for "not having a boring haircut" (just don't look too closely ;)).  He has hobbit-hair too, lots of it, and it's very forgiving.

(You can see we're both hobbits at our wedding - and had we reproduced, I'm sure we'd have had little hobbits... :angel)

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