What (non-Cure) dream you had yesterday?

Started by dsanchez, January 11, 2021, 10:23:39

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I went to Dubai. I was waiting in the airport queue on arrivals and then jumped straight pass migrations. Then I was stopped cause they said Peruvian passports don't have 90-days visa free for entering UAE. I told them I read there was an agreement between Peru-UAE for us to have free entry without visa. They told me indeed that happened, but there was a journalist in Peru who made fun of Arabs and Mohammed so they decided to stop the discussions on the visa waiver.

Somehow, however, I managed to enter Dubai. It was a strange place. Kids (aged 10-15) had strange games. There was this group of kids (about 10 of them) that bullied one kid: he had to rest on the floor (face up) while each of them passed over him throwing in the face all sorts of stuff, can't remember what. Odd.
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I dreamed about a gig being prepared - apparently I was supposed to play drums (huh?), so I walked behind the stage and looked at the drum set-up (which looked okay) and I wondered how I was going to make it through the gig without any practice... I thought "I'll just follow the songs".  :lol:
Then it seemed like some people wanted to buy merch already, but no-one was there, so I went looking for band members, who had disappeared into thin air.  :1f636:
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The last dream I remember happened a couple of nights ago.  For some reason Brett and I were in some alternative universe, and had gone to Sydney to work, and were staying in this weird apartment which was very industrial.  And then I was panicking, thinking, "Oh no, I should be in Western Australia, we have an unfinished strawbale house there and surely there's animals to look after!"  And in my mind's eye I saw the house, and it was not the house we actually have in real life (I never dream about our real house).

This is a recurring theme - that we're somewhere else and then one or both of us remember that we've got this unfinished house somewhere in Western Australia, which urgently requires our attention.  Sometimes there's the added panic of unattended animals; sometimes there aren't any animals because we accidentally started building on a suburban block, before remembering that we actually need to build in a rural area so we can accommodate our animals.  Sometimes we've got two half-finished houses which are exact replicas of each other, but in different locations, and I think, "Why did we make that mistake?"  And sometimes, we've nearly finished our house, before we realise it's in the wrong spot and we're going to have to sell it, and begin all over again...

When I wake up from a dream like this, I usually remember all the other unfinished-house dreams all over again, including the architectural details and locations of the various unfinished houses.  It's a strange thing that they are always different.  (Brett says I should draw up the plans of all these different houses and sell them.  :lol:)

We spent five years building our house; finished in 2016. Funny I should be having anxiety dreams about that after actually finishing - I didn't have dreams like this while we were building.  Perhaps that's because I was too exhausted.

Immediately after I woke up this morning, realising it was just a dream, I was ecstatic that I was in fact in the right place, and in a finished house!  :)
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